2014 New Bug News


– new line of t-shirts, stickers, patches, and buttons made

– finish album on tape
(September recording at Monk Music Records)

– book tour for 2015 or 2016

– getting a reliable Manager

– getting first and second album on itunes & spotify

– hire someone to finish press kit

– hire photographer

– music videos w/ Paul Mackay, Bugsy Kiddo and Steven Murello (guy w card)

– new bug comic


Presskit Bio

A New Bug is a team of musicians looking to make an imprint on every stage & venue they play. Formed August 2011 in Long Island their sole intentions were to crawl into the nooks & crannies of their audiences ears; spreading musical phantasmagoria to all their senses. Eddie Lo (guitar/vocals) & Nick Diaz (bass) always connected musically through the cosmic coincidence of their birth days falling on the same date. Mike Boulanger (drums) knew Eddie Lo from being in previous bands with him in the years dating back to 2006 & 2009. Between days of  playing college parking lots with generators all along northern New York in 2011, their EP in 2012, going on tour with Incircles in the summer of 2013, and releasing their self-titled debut album recorded by Michael Bona (who recorded albums for Johnny Ramone, Joan Jett and Public Enemy). Recently on December 28th 2014 they held their release show for their 2nd album “Weird Year” at Soul Sounds Inc a popular record store on long island holding many eclectic shows and providing a great grounds for live music and dancing, and in february plan to start to gain back momentum in gigging having had a lull due to previous affairs between working on their albums and holding jobs to keep up with the terms of living . And believe it or not, a third album is in the works planning for release around August of 2015.


Genre: Psychedelic Garage Rock

From:  NY

Music: http://anewbug.bandcamp.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/anewbug

Email: thenewbugs@gmail.com


Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.53.35 AM

by Ally Lashley

by Ally Lashley

Press on new album, released on October 31st 2013, Big Take Over Magazine


Album Art

by Kyra Osuna

by Kyra Osuna


photo by Lexi Montana

photo by Lexi Montana

@ Yippies NYC

@ Yippies NYC

(journalists have permission to use all photos & art)

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Traveling Circus Tour


NY ~ CT ~ MA ~ PA ~ NJ ~ MD

Recently this mix & match group of people in The Traveling Circus realized they are all from the same corners of LI; playing music and expressing art in parallel planes of existences. Early Summer in 2012 everything finally synced up and artists from all different genres and backgrounds came together and threw house parties, local showcases, art exhibitions, bar events, birthday bashes, fests, ect. every weekend since then and still. These were shows expressing art & noise, freedom of speech, comedy & versatility; venues packed out with friends & fans of the bands, people dancing to no end, doing their thing, there and then like everyone else was doing. The most eclectic group of individuals coming together to share one constant – artistic expression.

The Traveling Circus is an idea that even precedes some of the acts involved. Destined to happen it holds roots in the formation of many of our circus’s key members. The fuse was lit on a day when Nick & Ed, from the local garage rock band A New Bug, were skimming through a book store in Oswego before a show in their make-shift week tour of upstate New York 2012 . Nick blindly suggested a book to Ed who went on to wonder, “that was strange I’ve been hearing about this book; maybe it’s just because Nick and I have the same birthday or something?”  They went on in their day… probably smoking pot. Then what comes to follow is a series of coincidences that lead to this tour; completely naturally without any effort at all. First being blind coincidences happening right when Ed started reading the book. Phil Kesey a.k.a Terminal Phillness local Trip Hop Artist & leader of the posse of people “The Merry Pranksters” – unknowingly named after the day-glow group led by Ken Kesey in the 60’s –  would have A New Bug perform his exclusive house parties (like Kesey & The Grateful Dead??), and while hanging out taking part in the goods being passed around; the book and the tightly niched group of people at Phil’s started to piece together in a profound way. Characters of the group started to meld perfectly with characters portrayed in the biographical book as if they read and knew it well, but none of them had. “It was very bizarre how after that whole experience of meeting Ph’kesey – as I call him – friendships started to blossom. For instance my girlfriend Sheila & Mxw Peter from The Sub Atomic Waves; both of them and many more I would have never met if it wasn’t for that spontaneous meeting – plus we were indirectly connected through other friends before we had even met,” Eddie Lo in an interview with “The Press of Today” an unknown, unofficial paper-brown newspaper. The multiplication of this whole scenario led to friends of friends of friends who are all in bands, and who are all artists & comedians getting together and befriending eachother.

This will be a tour to be remembered by, taking these two Long Island bands along with friends through the northeast to play at bars & venues across the coast. InCircles is in on this tour with their high-energy Grunge Punk us Long Islanders & city dwellers know well, but now the north-east waits tense for the swell https://www.facebook.com/incirclesmusic;   as well as NY psych rock band A New Bug spreading the infectious pulsation of atoms with their garage barrage of Rock & Roll sensations https://www.facebook.com/anewbugWe also have side acts for this Traveling Circus including:Rich Michelson with some original new age nuclear folk to steady the circus’ hurricane, the eye of the storm if I may say so myself https://www.facebook.com/echosinwavesDestructasaurus Rex will dismantle the night with their mechanical jaws tearing up the stage-lights. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Destructasaurus-Rex/149989411762495?ref=ts&fref=tsThe Tiny Elephant will stomp along the grass playing his acoustic guitar like an imp on the lash. https://www.facebook.com/TheTinyElephants?ref=ts&fref=ts. As well as Terminal Philness in a Top Hat with his Tryptomine Hip Hop introductions, acapella or backed by drummings; our Ring Leader for the evening & first show for the summoning https://twitter.com/eMCeePhilth.

This bus tour is currently underworks, booking & planning being done by Mxw Pete from Planet of Sound Promotions https://www.facebook.com/planetofsoundpromotions/
Recorded and taped at Basement Wrechords LI https://www.facebook.com/basementrecordsli?fref=ts. Contributions by all bands/artists & people attending.

As the Electric Kool-Aid Test foreshadowed it’s existence, what Eddie Lo was wondering why & what it all had meant, the accumulation of time has lead up to this…

~ The Traveling Circus Tour in August~

Thank You,

for those who want to attend:


Long Island Local Music

Long Island’s artists have always been on the cutting edge of genres in music. Lately the genre being contemporary Hardcore Metal; having bands come to fame like Glassjaw and Dr.Acula with followings of over 2,000+ people. In the past bands like The Strokes, Brand New and Taking Back Sunday – love them or hate them – were at the top of their genre, and also hailed from Long Island. In the late 80s and early 90s Public Enemy – known for almost starting riots and being monumentally influential on hip hop and rap – originated in Long Island. The roots of Long Island run deep through the soil  bearing great artists like Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground and Johnny Ramone; both being at the forefront of Punk music as we know it. Maybe there’s a musical energy flowing through these suburban towns of a cluster-fucked society, maybe it was the mass orgies that supposedly took place in the 1800s; generating a heavily intoxicating sexual impulse and leaving the outlet to be music, or maybe it’s the spirits of native americans chanting and beating their animal skin tom toms eternally, I don’t know, but I do know music seems naturally inherent and copious here. The only problem is that in LI  music venues and bars catering to local art are very scarce. While booking and promotion only gear towards middle aged consumers, interested in bleak cover bands for their suburban upper-middle class gatherings; the youth are stuck at home with little to no creative outlet, instead they shoot up dope, and hang out in the woods. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that -besides statistical overdoses and ticks from tall grass- this is the kind of stuff that keeps the un-noticed art flowing. All that is being said is that there’s barely any venues attracting young adults, no places where young people could go and communicate, and maybe get high some place other than behind a dumpster in the Kmart parking lot. Venues that now cater to young adults are bars that don’t have proper security or locality for a fun night.  For instance,  at a local show in Holbrook NY, the suffolk county district of Long Island, a gun was pulled in the parking lot and cops pulled up; though the people that came out to dance to some live music were probably discouraged from going to a local show again, house band A New Bug came and played the following weekend; proving that there is limited options available venue-wise for live music to thrive. Frustration and angst brewing from situations like this, have sparked an ambition to really make a good music scene in Long Island, revive the waters that were once clear blue and are now mucky with green slime. We are at a time where local bands of all genres are coming together to throw shows by whatever means necessary; to create an outlet for young kids to get together and thrash, have a blast, high or not, having something to do and something to keep them moving. A group has been formed called Planet of Sound Productions who’s main aim is promoting local artists, booking shows & recording starving musicians for less than nothing. They’re plans to uproot the modern system of booking shows have appealed widely to a mass group of artists in this new Island scene.  It’s not about fame-dom; it’s about art and expression, getting possessed and letting go.  New local bands, being at the cutting edge of their own individual genre, have come together to form a free union: A New BugSoda BombIncirclesHigh BluffThe SweatersThe Sub Atomic Waves, Entering The SunDestructasaurus Rex, J & The A-Holes,  Philthy PhilSex in HDOh Scatterbrained Me, Ice Cream Sandwich ShitheadRich Michelson and many more; adding new great local bands and artists every show. No music industry to hold them back, or to pull the reigns corrupting their direction, this is the type of thing that lets creativity thrive and meet it’s own actualization. It’s a pure, genuine rock and roll agenda, and the momentum is already too great to stop it.

-Eddie Lo

A New Bug

A New Bug is a three piece garage rock band centered in Long Island NY. Members Eddie Lo (Vocals/Guitar), Nick Diaz (Bass/Vocals) and Mike Boulanger (Drums) come together to write songs with a driving edge; no pretentiousness or hidden agenda hindering their sound. They live by the motto: “All raw, all real and no phony phonics,” and this is what seems to constitute the attitude of the band. Influenced by their predecessors who also hailed from Long Island, The Velvet Underground, A New Bug maintains an artistic point of view about their music. Other influences include The Stooges with Iggy Pop’s ruthlessness and modern bands like the up and coming neo psychedelic australians Tame Impala & well known kings of blues revival The Black Keys. The influences seem to be endless with this Bluesy-Punk-Rock and Roll trio, and perhaps since the members of this band listen to music so regularly the surplus left over becomes the songs they write.  A New Bug is starting to move their locality into Brooklyn NY and even the lower east side of Manhattan. Be sure to stay tuned for new songs from their upcoming self titled LP.Image